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Passion and pride since 1991

"Back in 1991 when we started, It was a one man show, I was the salesman, installer, Technician and mechanic. I started with only basic screwdrivers and a ratchet set. It's been uphill ever since"
Ray Degani
Owner & Founder, Dynamic Auto Sound - Performance

Dynamic Auto Sound – Performance is a Montreal Based custom performance parts retailer, installer and tuning shop. Established in 1991 and part of the industry for over 29 years, we offer some of the best known brands in the industry, expert advisors and professional installation.. Dynamic Auto Sound – Performance was created for the love and passion of automobiles. For the satisfaction you feel when you’ve created something that you’ve wanted, something different from everyone else, something that represents you.

Having worked on everything from small cars, to supercars to yachts to RV’s to Freightliner trucks and everything else in between, Dynamic Auto Sound – Performance will make your dream projects become a reality. From everyday car enthusiast to celebrities like Adonis Superman Stevenson’s vehicules, for example: Mercedes G63, Bentley, Rolls Royce Ghost and GMC Denali, even the superstars trust Dynamic Auto Sound- Performance with their favorite cars.

Our facility is 8400 sq. ft., 3500sq. ft. of this is our showroom, was designed to bring the retail experience to a new high. With dozens of leading manufacturer’s product displays to play with such as K&N Filters air flow meter, Hypertech G force programmers, Sprint Booster, Prosport Gauges, Edge racing, Viper Smart start, Superchips, Curb Alert Pro and 1 of 3 Interactive Clarion Electronics displays in Eastern Canada, it is time to bring your shopping experience to a whole new level.  Have a chat with one of our knowledgeable automotive specialists and have a free Red Bull on us.